Family Center

Lafayette, Georgia

Campground and Recreation

The Family Center is located on 100+ heavily-wooded acres in the northwest Georgia mountains 30 miles south of Chattanooga off Highway 193, west of LaFayette, Georgia. The Family Center is a Christian campground which provides a haven for individuals or families who need a place to withdraw from the stress of modern living. Many of today's families are dysfunctional. Fathers have one objective, mothers another, and children have their own as well.

At the Family Center, you are guaranteed:

  • No ringing telephones
  • No door-to-door salesmen
  • No annoying email or answering machine messages
  • No idiotic telivision shows
  • No commericlal interruptions



The spirtual foundation of the church is Jesus Christ. The social foundation of the church is the family. Strong churches require strong families. The over-riding purpose of The Family Center is to strengthen families. The Family Center, using Biblical values, is dedicated to helping families arrive at the objectives God intended for families to achieve.

Family Center Entrance